4 Easy Link Building Strategies

Link building is probably the hardest part of promoting your website, what people don’t realise is that there isn’t an easy, quick way to get good links. Link building is hard, it’s very hard (unless you buy links, in which case your setting yourself up for a whole World of pain if you get caught by Google). I’ve picked up one or two really good strategies working in the industry for the past few years, here are some of the easy ones:

1. Ask Your Friends/Family

This is the easiest one to do, and guess what? It’s often the best, you can get some amazing links. Most of my friends and family get a link from me, so if you have a friend who likes playing with websites (and most of us do) ask them for a link!

2. Ask Your Suppliers

Hell, you’re buying their stuff you may aswell get a link out of it! Offer a testimonial they can put on their website in return, then you can get a link underneath the testimonial – this is a very good technique.

3. Ask Your Customers

This is a great way to get links, especially if you are offering a value added service or a premium product. For example if you sell high quality meat to restaurants, get yourself a really snazzy looking banner that your customers can put on their website – kind of like a stamp of approval. The idea is that your customers (in this case the restaurant) will get the benefit of being able to show off their quality, probably improving response rates – whilst you get a link out of it! Ok so you have to put a bit of work into this, but it’s worth doing – even if you just use your logo with a bit of text.

4. Blog Commenting

This is very hard to do right, mainly because 99% of people come across as spammers. The trick is to actually read the article you are going to comment on. Also many comments don’t pass any value because of a tag called “nofollow” – but that doesn’t mean the comment isn’t useful – on some articles they get so much traffic that you’ll get referral traffic from people clicking on the link. It’s worth going through a particular search on Google and commenting on all the articles with useful comments.

Another reason for you to have a blog, as you can write an article which is related to what other people are talking about and then comment saying something like “I [agree/disaagree] with what you are saying I think [opinion]. You can read more about what I’m saying here: [URL]”. That should usually get accepted. It builds links, it gives traffic and it starts valuable relationships with bloggers, so give it a try.