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My Experience Of Claiming Child Tax Credits

In early September my wife gave birth to my second child, Jack. Shortly after I decided to check if we were eligible for child tax credits, and it turned out we are. So I started to look for the child tax credit form – but it turns out, it isn’t available to download on the


Yorkshire Warrior 2014

The Run from Hell You should have all known a blog post about this would be coming. Last Saturday 12th April, my good friend Dr. Cumbor and I took part in Yorkshire Warrior 2014, a 10 mile obstacle run from hell. I’m not quite sure how to describe it, except there was a LOT of


National Well Being

A while back I switched over to Engineered Marketing for my marketing/business related posts, which leaves me this blog for other things. One thing I’ve been becoming more interested in is politics, since becoming a home owner and a father I’ve started to become more concerned with how our politicians run our country. I’m kind


Base CRM Contact Form

This came about when I started doing a few lead generation campaigns for my website, I noticed that contact form provided by Base didn’t do two important things: 1. Allow me to record a goal completion in Google Analytics 2. Provide any details over where the lead came from, other than via my website, when


Want to Buy Survey Responses? Check Out Instant.ly

I can’t remember what website I was browsing when I came across instant.ly, but I’m glad I did. After creating a survey and finding it difficult to recruit respondents, I decided I needed to find a survey provider that offered surveys for the UK. Sadly I couldn’t find any, this left me with the following


Time to Comply With EU Cookie Laws

Disclaimer: This does not constitute legal advice, consult a solicitor or contact the ico if in doubt. In case you didn’t know already, the EU cookie laws came in May 2011, but the ico have only decided to enforce this from May 2012. Most of the big companies are complying.  In a nutshell, you’re meant


A New, More Improved Domain Name

Hi all Just a quick update, I’ve changed domain names after catching davidwhitehouse.co.uk via snapnames.com, it was a bit of a surprise as I didn’t even expect it! Anyways, if you are currently linking to me, you’ll have to make a quick change from www.david-whitehouse.org to www.davidwhitehouse.co.uk. Or if you have my email address stored


Joining The IDM

Last month I took the step to further my career by joining the IDM as a member. The entry requirements are quite high, but I was fortunate enough to pass the diploma which allowed me to become a member without having 6 years experience! I’m a strong advocate of the IDM, the first time I


Rank Checking Your Google Ranking

Introducing Authority Labs Rank checking can be one of the most time consuming, tedious tasks there is – if of course you don’t know how to do it quickly that is. The first time I did a rank check I counted everything manually, it took literally hours – very boring! Then I learned how to


Announcing My First FREE Tool: Optimal – Get A Report On Your Website

I’ve been having a play around lately and managed to come up with a quick way for me to give you some simple advice on your website.  I’ve created an easy to use tool called Optimal. It’s still in the early stages of development, so if you notice a bug or an improvement that can


Passed With Flying Colours!

Hi all, this is just a quick blog post to let blog followers know that I have successfully passed my course in direct and digital marketing with the Institute of Digital and Direct marketing. I’m extremely proud I’m hoping to be accepted as a full member (as soon as my wife lets me pay £185


Using Duedil To Identify Potential Prospects

Duedil is a great free new web service that allows you free access to the entire companies house database, any time of day. It’s great for researching companies, whether that be for a job interview, to check up on your employer or what I am going to show you how to do, identifying potential prospects.


Base CRM – CRM Software For The Small Business by Future Simple

Simple CRM by Base     After spending sometime using Capsule CRM (which became to clunky to use) and Highrise (which is to simplistic and doesn’t have nearly enough advanced features for sales) I have finally found Base by Future Simple. Funnily enough if you look for it on Google, you can’t find it! There


Digital Marketing In 2012 – Time To Pull Your Socks Up

So it’s mid January and there is already a lot to consider in this coming year. Here are some of the key things I think businesses need to concentrate on in 2012. Get Your SEO Sorted This is a no brainer – I don’t mean link building, I mean just get your site SEO friendly,


Quick Catch Up

This is just a quick post for all my subscribers to summarise a few changes in the Internet marketing arena recently. First up, there have been a lot of changes with Google Analytics, with a new version coming out with a host of new features including dashboards, multi channel funnels, real time analytics and visitor


Find The Best Premium WordPress Themes / Templates For Your Business

This WordPress Theme Cost Me Just $35 Finding a good design for your website isn’t easy for most people – but if you are running your website on WordPress you are missing a trick if you are paying more than £50! The theme you see this site running on (at time of writing) was bought


MailChimp – The Best Free Email Marketing Software – And a Great Aweber Alternative

I’ve been using MailChimp for just over a year now, and I’ve been very impressed. I originally switched from Aweber, but decided that I couldn’t justify paying the monthly fee for Aweber – and I was right to. MailChimp is perfect for my needs, to be honest I’ve not got many subscribers – the most


Need a Corporate Identity and Logo Designing Near Harrogate in North Yorkshire?

I’ve been meaning to get a decent logo for my site for a while, it’s one of those things that I felt really let it down. So last month I met with Chris Beadle from Green Lane Group, who are based just outside Harrogate in North Yorkshire. I explained want I wanted – something professional,


How Can We Learn From Angry Birds’ Success?

Angry Birds has probably been the biggest gaming app of the year – nearly every person I know has played it, but it’s not the most amazing game in the World, so what exactly made it so popular? Was it pure fluke, or is there more to it? The first thing Rovio (the brains behind


How to check your position (or ranking) on Google

This sounds fairly straight forward, but not only do most business owners make the mistake of pulling out the wrong ranking, but so do many beginner SEO’s, web developers and designers. Please read all of this article, the good stuff is towards the end! Avoiding Personalisation It’s a bit more complicated than it may seem.


4 Easy Link Building Strategies

Link building is probably the hardest part of promoting your website, what people don’t realise is that there isn’t an easy, quick way to get good links. Link building is hard, it’s very hard (unless you buy links, in which case your setting yourself up for a whole World of pain if you get caught


Capsule CRM – The Best Free Online CRM Software System

I’ve been using Capsule CRM for around a year now and I really like the way you can customise it so easily, plus it is much simpler than Salesforce. It also integrates with my online accounting package, FreeAgent (incidentally if you signup with them, be sure to use my FreeAgent referral code). What is CRM?


How I became addicted to Internet marketing – My Story

This is a long story and it is mainly about my journey of learning about Internet marketing and SEO, there isn’t a lot to learn from it, but I thought it may interest a few wannabe SEO’s. So back out now if you don’t think it is for you! You have been warned! (It’s around


Why A Spanking New Website And A Bit Of SEO Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

In the early days of ecommerce you could build a website, slap some products on, ensure it looks ok for the search engines with a bit of SEO and hey presto, you would have yourself a business. Rinse and repeat. The Formula Is Broken Now that same old tried and tested formula doesn’t work anymore.


Duplicate Content, The Ultimate Guide

Not ranking high in Google? Chances are its duplicate content… Contrary to what most people think, I think the most common cause of websites not ranking is duplicate content. Nearly every single website I ever have to do SEO for has some kind of duplicate content problem. It is so common that nearly all SEO’s


Bought My First Website: Cockatiel Care!!!

Yes you read it correctly, I bought a Cockatiel website, for £300, I must be nuts! Anthony Shapley sold me it, he’d been earning money on it for years, but I think he wanted the money to put into his new personal project on private number plates (good luck Ant – hope it works out


FreeAgent – The Best Online Accounting Software For Small Business In The UK

Get 10% Off With My FreeAgent Referral Code! See Below I’ve been using FreeAgent for just over a year now, and I must admit I am very impressed. I originally got it as I didn’t have a decent system for recording all my business transactions (not that there is many, I’m making a loss this


Plans For 2011 And Looking Back On 2010

Roughly this time last year I had a list of things I wanted to achieve in 2010, I managed to do 3 out of the 4, I got married, I stopped playing games (entirely in fact) and my wife and I saved up a deposit for a house. Sadly I didn’t manage to completely sort


My Latest Project, Frankly Jazz

This month I’ve been doing a bit of work for my brother in law, Marcus Groundwater, they needed a better site setting up since the one I did last time was on a zero budget and the one they’d done themselves was all in flash and I don’t think it had any visits. So, here


Why Remarketing is a BIG deal and how it will affect PPC and SEO

What Is Remarketing? In case you aren’t familiar with Remarketing, it is a new part of Google AdWords launched this year which allows you to tag visitors when they visit your website and then show ads to them on the Google AdSense network. For Example An example would be, say someone visits a site from


11 Ways To Take Advantage Of Personalised Search

I did a post on personalised search on David Naylor’s blog some time ago, but sadly it didn’t seem to get much of a reception (I think thats because when the title is a bit confusing “search david naylor online”). I still think it is something many SEO’s are probably neglecting, so I thought it


Think Visibility September 2010 – Verdict: Awesome

I just wanted to quickly thank Dom for a superbly organised event, which I enjoyed a lot. I saw quite a few presentations whilst I was there, but the ones that really stood out were… Karyn Fleeting from Tinderbox Media did a great presentation on PR, something which I think is done badly in the


Tracking Your Marketing

In the last post I talked about how important it is to track your marketing, but the problem arises when you have to figure out how you go about tracking your marketing. Well hopefully this will give you some idea.


Installing And Setting Up Google Analytics On WordPress

In the last post I showed you how to get a theme for WordPress, now I want to briefly show you how to setup Google Analytics on WordPress. First of all, I can’t stress how important it is that you use Google Analytics. It will allow you to track all your marketing and enable you


Marketing The Old Deanery

I first made the website for The Old Deanery back in 2006, it didn’t look very pretty, but it did pull in a fair amount of traffic, sadly not much of it converted. That all changed in 2008, when Bronco re-designed the website, and it really gave the website a new lease of life! From


Modern Warfare Site Sold – $500!

Yep, sold my site on Flippa, crazy thing is it went for $500! I think I may have been able to get more for it too. Sadly they charged a lot in fees: $19 listing, $25 escrow and I think it was $12.50 for the final sale fee. On top of that I had to


A Brief Introduction To Internet Marketing

In my previous article I went through setting up Google Analytics, now I want to talk to you about why it is so important to track your marketing. Let me start with an example.


Setting Up WordPress

You should already have installed WordPress with Cpanel, now we are going to run through the basic settings and give you a quick tutorial on posts and pages. See the following vdeos:


Installing WordPress With Fantastico De Luxe Through Cpanel

By now you should have your domain name and setup your web hosting with EUKHOST, this video explains how to install WordPress. Questions and problems below please!


Buy Some Fast UK Website Hosting Space

Hey guys, this should be pretty easy, you should have already bought your .co.uk domain name with 123-reg, now we’re going to buy your webhosting and get a free .com domain name from EUKHOST. Watch the video below for an easy how to – you only need the basic package if you are starting out.


Thanks Everyone

As many of you know I recently got married, I just wanted to give a big shout out and thanks to everyone that came along, for all the kind words and gifts. I also wanted to just thank a few of the people who helped make it special. Discerning Images, the photographer from York –


Deep Tissue Massage

I went for my first massage with Madeleine Harvey yesterday after work, and I must say I was very impressed. I’ve had a lot of massages over the years, but the first thing that shone through with Madeleine is that she really does have passion for what she does. Despite doing various stretches and having


My Father, Peter Whitehouse

I don’t often mention my father, but I happen to be very proud of him, he’s probably the reason why I am so obsessed with owning my own business one day! He (and my mum and their business partners) built up a large business with offices across Europe, the company renamed from Express Terminals to


Is the SEO industry becoming more competitive?

Like any market, there comes a point where saturation is reached, this is the peak of the product life cycle: Now we can compare this to a graph of people looking for SEO services in the UK, and it would seem to me that we are most likely in the maturity area. I’ve also noticed


The Forgotten Split Test – a 3 Year Test!

I was writing a post for the Dave Naylor blog about Google Analytics and Website Optimizer when I thought “have I ever done a split test?”, so I logged into Google Website Optimizer briefly and noticed the following test from 9th May 2007! And it was still running!!! I’m not entirely sure what is happening


Current Online Income

I thought I’d do a little summary to everyone out there about how well my book did over the last year and how my online earnings have been doing. In the end the book sold around 86 copies and has made me $472.88 so far, not really worth the time I put into it, but


Facebook Campaign Followup

Last week I started my first real Facebook campaign for The Old Deanery, the campaign was only meant to run for a week, sadly it didn’t quite have the effect I had hoped for, but still it gave us some useful data to work with, here come the stats! 220,352 impressions 60 clicks (0.027% CTR)


Getting my knee sorted

I’ve been having problems with my knee for almost 4 years now, I spent 1 year trying to continue karate on it, but in the end I had to stop because the pain was too bad and it really felt like I was doing my knee some damage – plus all the stories of people


My First “Proper” Facebook Ad Campaign

Recently I’ve been helping out my mum with email marketing for her restaurant, we’ve had a lot of success and she has around 600 opt-in emails now, which is great. Typically it works out that if she sends out an offer to these 600 emails she gets 200 opens and 20 bookings of at least


Monetising My Site

Well I decided to go with my idea of doing an Internet marketing blog in the end, for a number of reasons, but the main reason being that I have a passion for it, and so it should be easy for me to write endless amounts of content for it. In fact I went for