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This came about when I started doing a few lead generation campaigns for my website, I noticed that contact form provided by Base didn’t do two important things:
1. Allow me to record a goal completion in Google Analytics
2. Provide any details over where the lead came from, other than via my website, when adding the deal into Base CRM.
3. Allow me to encourage email signups

This meant, essentially, that I couldn’t attribute any leads or customer value to any particular marketing campaign/source/medium. On top of this I couldn’t encourage email subscription. so I decided to commission a WordPress plugin.

I found Woody (a developer) on, I knew how specific my requirements were so I was very particular about who I hired after having bad experiences with freelancers on Odesk in the past.

Woody did a great job, he runs a company called Stormgate and as you can see he specialises in rapid web development (he finished my plugin in less than 24 hours)!

So I told Woody what I wanted and he got down to work creating my brand new contact form.

Essentially this contact form directly posts the lead into Base, including all the necessary details, as well as the Google Analytics source and medium.

The Google Analytics bit ensures that you can choose a page to redirect to, which can then be tracked as a goal, so that you can keep an eye on things in Google Analytics separately from Base.

Finally it has a tick box that allows the person contacting you to signup to your email newsletter hosted by MailChimp.

I don’t think there are many things out there that do all this, and if you are using Base CRM I highly recommend you try out this plugin.

If you would like to download my plugin you can do so here.


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  • Andy

    Hi David

    By chance are you providing existing subscribers with a link?


  • Becky Hartke

    Thanks for sharing, but I’m having trouble using this plugin, and it would definitely help me out a ton if I could use it! Is there anywhere that Woody has some kind of tutorial or documentation?

    • David Whitehouse

      Unfortunately not. What is the problem you are having? I think if you check the readme.txt it should tell you what shortcode to use…

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  • Adam Abbott

    Thanks for sharing this David. Exactly what we were looking for. Cheers

  • Russ Gaskin

    This sounds perfect for what I need, but there’s no readme.txt file in the zip. Can you share that?

    • David Whitehouse

      Hi Russ,

      There isn’t one, what do you need to know?

  • Nick Artman

    Hey David,

    Do you mind if I create a public source control repository so that the community can continue to develop this plugin?

    I will happily give you credit for creation as well as give you a link to the repository itself.


    • David Whitehouse

      Hi Nick,

      Sure, go right ahead.

      Sorry for the late reply.


  • Robert Gourley

    Thanks for the plugin, I installed and configured and it never seems to send to Mailchimp or Base. Are you still using this plugin? The standard base form (from the base site) seems to work, so it seems like this plugin is not working correctly.