Capsule CRM – The Best Free Online CRM Software System

I’ve been using Capsule CRM for around a year now and I really like the way you can customise it so easily, plus it is much simpler than Salesforce. It also integrates with my online accounting package, FreeAgent (incidentally if you signup with them, be sure to use my FreeAgent referral code).

Capsule CRM

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management – it’s been around for a while, basically it encompasses your customer database and should record every “touchpoint” with your customer. So your customer logs on to your website, your CRM should know, your sales person phones them up, they should record that, an email get sent out – that too should be recorded, the customer buys something on the website, guess what, that should be recorded too. It improves your ability to manage & track customers and can help you improve customer insight. Without CRM you are unlikely to be able to accurately calculate a customer’s lifetime value, which prevents you from being able to spend as much money on marketing – this can lead you lagging behind competitors who can justify spending up to 10 times more than you to acquire a customer.

Free CRM

The best thing about Capsule CRM is that it is actually free to use, without it limiting the functionality of the software too much, so if you are implementing a new CRM system and you don’t want to pay for anything yet, then Capsule CRM is a great way to get your systems and processes in place before rolling it out across the board.

API Access and CSV Downloads

Capsule CRM allows you access to the API and also provides you with easy to download files, so you don’t have to work out how the software works, you can simply download the data and analyse it yourself in Excel – which is what most people do anyway!

Web Integration Form

They provide a lead generation form you can add to your website, then when someone fills it in, the lead goes directy into the CRM system – this saves you time, to get this functionality for Salesforce you would need to buy the 2nd version up (I think it’s £17 / month / user).

Twitter Integration

To get the latest info on your clients you can add their twitter ID to their customer file, then when you view them in Capsule CRM it will also show your latest tweets – this may allow your sales people to engage better with customers, or identify potential opportunities.

I’ll be writing about best practices for creating CRM systems over the coming months, and I’m also hoping to develop a way to integrate Capsule CRM with your website so that you can personalise pages for people – but that may take some time!!!

If you do sign up for Capsule CRM, you may also want to signup for FreeAgent and MailChimp – all three integrate together, which might save you a bit of time.