My First “Proper” Facebook Ad Campaign

Recently I’ve been helping out my mum with email marketing for her restaurant, we’ve had a lot of success and she has around 600 opt-in emails now, which is great.

Typically it works out that if she sends out an offer to these 600 emails she gets 200 opens and 20 bookings of at least 2 people, each person averaging around 7 or 8 pounds profit. All in all it works out at around £400 profit per email shot – which is ace.

So I started talking about what would happen if we had that on Facebook – where the disadvantage is decreased attention, but the advantage being that people are more likely to “like it” or comment on the special offer, making it go viral.

So using the stats, we worked out that each email was worth £0.70 per email shot, and that we thought we could send at least 10 emails per unsubscribe, meaning that each email was worth around £7. We used this same figure to work out how much we would be willing to pay per Facebook fan.

So I decided to create a campaign targeting the local area, it happens to target quarter of a million people in the Ripon, Harrogate, Northallerton area – and it only costs me $0.44 per click! About 1 in 13 seem to be subscribing so far, so it could be a little bit on the expensive side, only time will tell. I’ve got around $95 budget left, and our initial aim was to get 300 more subscribers, this seems a little optimistic now, but hopefully it should still be a profitable campaign.

I will let you all know how it goes 🙂