Base CRM Contact Form

This came about when I started doing a few lead generation campaigns for my website, I noticed that contact form provided by Base didn’t do two important things:
1. Allow me to record a goal completion in Google Analytics
2. Provide any details over where the lead came from, other than via my website, when adding the deal into Base CRM.
3. Allow me to encourage email signups

This meant, essentially, that I couldn’t attribute any leads or customer value to any particular marketing campaign/source/medium. On top of this I couldn’t encourage email subscription. so I decided to commission a WordPress plugin.

I found Woody (a developer) on, I knew how specific my requirements were so I was very particular about who I hired after having bad experiences with freelancers on Odesk in the past.

Woody did a great job, he runs a company called Stormgate and as you can see he specialises in rapid web development (he finished my plugin in less than 24 hours)!

So I told Woody what I wanted and he got down to work creating my brand new contact form.

Essentially this contact form directly posts the lead into Base, including all the necessary details, as well as the Google Analytics source and medium.

The Google Analytics bit ensures that you can choose a page to redirect to, which can then be tracked as a goal, so that you can keep an eye on things in Google Analytics separately from Base.

Finally it has a tick box that allows the person contacting you to signup to your email newsletter hosted by MailChimp.

I don’t think there are many things out there that do all this, and if you are using Base CRM I highly recommend you try out this plugin.

If you would like to download my plugin you can do so here.

Quick Catch Up

This is just a quick post for all my subscribers to summarise a few changes in the Internet marketing arena recently.

First up, there have been a lot of changes with Google Analytics, with a new version coming out with a host of new features including dashboards, multi channel funnels, real time analytics and visitor flow.  I suggest you check it out and familiarise yourself.

Secondly any keyword data from Google organic SSL will no longer be passed on, so you may well see “(not defined)” as one of your top performing keywords, expect it to affect around 10% of organic traffic from Google.

Google Adwords has released a bid per call offering, where a phone number sits in the ad, if you get called you get charged a did fee of £1 minimum – definitely worth using in my opinion.

Mailchimp has released a new service called “goooals” where you can segment email subscribers based on what they do on your website.

I’ll try and do a better job of keeping you all up to date! I’ve been busy preparing for my exams next week, wish me luck!

MailChimp – The Best Free Email Marketing Software – And a Great Aweber Alternative


I’ve been using MailChimp for just over a year now, and I’ve been very impressed. I originally switched from Aweber, but decided
that I couldn’t justify paying the monthly fee for Aweber – and I was right to.

MailChimp is perfect for my needs, to be honest I’ve not got many subscribers – the most I had was around 600 or so for a gaming website. If you are considering creating a newsletter for your business then I would highly recommend MailChimp – it’s free if you have 2,000 or less subscribers, so there is no risk for you to try and build up a mailing list.

Here are some of the cool things you can do with MailChimp:
[list type=”thumb-up”]

  • You can add people via your website, via their hosted form, via the admin system or even through their ipad application
  • Capture people’s first name, surname and date of birth and then send them personalised emails, especially on their birthday!
  • Segment customers into groups, such as customers and prospects, or perhaps by their interests or spend
  • Setup autoresponders – emails that get sent to recipients based on predetermined criteria such as “opened this campaign” or “7 days after signup”
  • Adding coupons – this allows you to add physical coupons you can print off and then scan in with an iPhone app when they bring them to your business – it then includes these in the email analytics reports!
  • Split test emails – you can test different subject lines or different body text to see what difference this makes to your open rates and click rates
  • Create an RSS to email campaign which automatically sends out blog posts or news articles from your website to the email newsletter.

Plus much more, the possibilities really are endless, plus they have some amazing webinars you can watch when you sign up that teach you how to do all this and more!

You can signup to MailChimp now and get up to 2,000 subscribers free, forever!.

My First “Proper” Facebook Ad Campaign

Recently I’ve been helping out my mum with email marketing for her restaurant, we’ve had a lot of success and she has around 600 opt-in emails now, which is great.

Typically it works out that if she sends out an offer to these 600 emails she gets 200 opens and 20 bookings of at least 2 people, each person averaging around 7 or 8 pounds profit. All in all it works out at around £400 profit per email shot – which is ace.

So I started talking about what would happen if we had that on Facebook – where the disadvantage is decreased attention, but the advantage being that people are more likely to “like it” or comment on the special offer, making it go viral.

So using the stats, we worked out that each email was worth £0.70 per email shot, and that we thought we could send at least 10 emails per unsubscribe, meaning that each email was worth around £7. We used this same figure to work out how much we would be willing to pay per Facebook fan.

So I decided to create a campaign targeting the local area, it happens to target quarter of a million people in the Ripon, Harrogate, Northallerton area – and it only costs me $0.44 per click! About 1 in 13 seem to be subscribing so far, so it could be a little bit on the expensive side, only time will tell. I’ve got around $95 budget left, and our initial aim was to get 300 more subscribers, this seems a little optimistic now, but hopefully it should still be a profitable campaign.

I will let you all know how it goes 🙂