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  • 4 Easy Link Building Strategies

    Link building is probably the hardest part of promoting your website, what people don’t realise is that there isn’t an easy, quick way to get good links. Link building is hard, it’s very hard (unless you buy links, in which case your setting yourself up for a whole World of pain if you get caught [...]

  • Duplicate Content, The Ultimate Guide

    Not ranking high in Google? Chances are its duplicate content… Contrary to what most people think, I think the most common cause of websites not ranking is duplicate content. Nearly every single website I ever have to do SEO for has some kind of duplicate content problem. It is so common that nearly all SEO’s [...]

  • 11 Ways To Take Advantage Of Personalised Search

    I did a post on personalised search on David Naylor’s blog some time ago, but sadly it didn’t seem to get much of a reception (I think thats because when the title is a bit confusing “search david naylor online”). I still think it is something many SEO’s are probably neglecting, so I thought it [...]

  • Ranking for your name vanity or sanity?

    My colleague, James Slater, and I were debating over whether trying to rank for your name is a necessity or if it is purely vanity. Dave Naylor has previously told me trying to rank for my name is vanity, but I distinctly remember him looking to see if I ranked for my own name in [...]

  • How to use nofollows correctly

    Ok so today I read an article by Aaron Wall about nofollows being largely a waste of time, I didn’t quite understand what he was talking about until I scrolled down on my RSS reader to find Matt Cutts had already blogged about this. Basically, in a nutshell – no follows don’t pass page rank, [...]