Quick Catch Up

This is just a quick post for all my subscribers to summarise a few changes in the Internet marketing arena recently.

First up, there have been a lot of changes with Google Analytics, with a new version coming out with a host of new features including dashboards, multi channel funnels, real time analytics and visitor flow.  I suggest you check it out and familiarise yourself.

Secondly any keyword data from Google organic SSL will no longer be passed on, so you may well see “(not defined)” as one of your top performing keywords, expect it to affect around 10% of organic traffic from Google.

Google Adwords has released a bid per call offering, where a phone number sits in the ad, if you get called you get charged a did fee of £1 minimum – definitely worth using in my opinion.

Mailchimp has released a new service called “goooals” where you can segment email subscribers based on what they do on your website.

I’ll try and do a better job of keeping you all up to date! I’ve been busy preparing for my exams next week, wish me luck!