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  • National Well Being

    A while back I switched over to Engineered Marketing for my marketing/business related posts, which leaves me this blog for other things. One thing I’ve been becoming more interested in is politics, since becoming a home owner and a father I’ve started to become more concerned with how our politicians run our country. I’m kind [...]

  • A New, More Improved Domain Name

    Hi all Just a quick update, I’ve changed domain names after catching via, it was a bit of a surprise as I didn’t even expect it! Anyways, if you are currently linking to me, you’ll have to make a quick change from to Or if you have my email address stored [...]

  • Joining The IDM

    Last month I took the step to further my career by joining the IDM as a member. The entry requirements are quite high, but I was fortunate enough to pass the diploma which allowed me to become a member without having 6 years experience! I’m a strong advocate of the IDM, the first time I [...]

  • Rank Checking Your Google Ranking

    Introducing Authority Labs Rank checking can be one of the most time consuming, tedious tasks there is – if of course you don’t know how to do it quickly that is. The first time I did a rank check I counted everything manually, it took literally hours – very boring! Then I learned how to [...]

  • Passed With Flying Colours!

    Hi all, this is just a quick blog post to let blog followers know that I have successfully passed my course in direct and digital marketing with the Institute of Digital and Direct marketing. I’m extremely proud I’m hoping to be accepted as a full member (as soon as my wife lets me pay £185 [...]

  • Capsule CRM – The Best Free Online CRM Software System

    I’ve been using Capsule CRM for around a year now and I really like the way you can customise it so easily, plus it is much simpler than Salesforce. It also integrates with my online accounting package, FreeAgent (incidentally if you signup with them, be sure to use my FreeAgent referral code). What is CRM? [...]