Think Visibility September 2010 – Verdict: Awesome

I just wanted to quickly thank Dom for a superbly organised event, which I enjoyed a lot. I saw quite a few presentations whilst I was there, but the ones that really stood out were…

Karyn Fleeting from Tinderbox Media did a great presentation on PR, something which I think is done badly in the SEO world, so I thought I would take note. She basically went through the do’s and don’ts and gave us an insight into what happens when a press release reaches a journalist. A very useful presentation if you have a great story and want to get it a lot of coverage (and links). Here’s the presentation:

Dr Karl Blanks from Conversion Rate Experts did a very good presentation which had loads of hints and tips on how to maximise your conversion rate. This was particularly interesting for me as I am currently working as part of a project team for one of Bronco’s clients, headed up by Stephen Pavlovich (who I briefly met at Think Vis) from Conversion Factory.

Sadly I couldn’t stay much later and socialise as I managed to only get 1 hours sleep the night before – so if I looked like I was nodding off in your presentation (which I was), apologies! Apologies also to Jaamit – I had to rush off as Dave Naylor was giving me a lift home.

I look forward to hopefully coming to the next Think Visibility!

Think Visibility September 2009

I attended Think Visibility this September on behalf of Bronco, it was my first conference I’d attended and I must say I found the experience very interesting. The conference was held in Leeds at a casino (I forget the name, but it was a pretty cool venue).

First up was Joost de Valk, who I met just before he kicked off Think Visibility, he’s a friendly guy and he really knows his stuff, you can check out his presentation here. It was a very useful, and a highly technical presentation on speeding up WordPress and various other things 🙂 It’s given me the kick up the ass I needed to sort out caching on my site and start using smush it.

Next up was Judith Lewis who gave a very useful presentation on universal search results, this made me realise how much I was missing out on by not doing a YouTube video for every blog post I do – perhaps I should start doing this! I met her afterwards, she seemed like a nice lady (hey anyone that gives out free chocolate has to be kind, right?)

After that there was Julian Sambles from the Telegraph and following on from that we got to choose which presentations we watched. You can view all the slides from ThinkVisibility here. Zoe Piper also did a useful presentation on the content network, which I’m sure will come in handy sometime 🙂

On the whole it was a great event organise by Dom Hodgson – who was really friendly and helpful, helping me decide which presentation was best for me 🙂