FreeAgent – The Best Online Accounting Software For Small Business In The UK

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I’ve been using FreeAgent for just over a year now, and I must admit I am very impressed. I originally got it as I didn’t have a decent system for recording all my business transactions (not that there is many, I’m making a loss this year!) Fortunately it solved the problem of having everything neatly recorded, with an option to upload PDF copies of receipts and invoices – which is great as it reduces clutter.

The great thing is, is that FreeAgent allows me to setup re-occurring invoices, with an automated reminder (you can set how many days) and finally a thank you note once payment is made.

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FreeAgent - The Best Small Business Online Accounting Software - includes my FreeAgent referral code

Free Agent is one of the few HMRC accredited companies for the online submission of VAT returns in the UK – which I imagine would be pretty handy for larger businesses, they also integrate with a whole host of online software including Google Apps, Basecamp, Capsule CRM and more.

If you are in the UK and you need to get your tax return in this month and you can’t afford an accountant then I highly recommend FreeAgent (it’s free to try).

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