Choosing a Theme for WordPress

In the last video I showed you how to setup WordPress, now I want to go through changing the WordPress theme with you.ThemeForest

When deciding on a theme for WordPress, you have a number of options, three in fact:

1. Use the default theme and customise it yourself
2. Buy a WordPress template from Template Monster or Theme Forest
3. Hire a freelancer to design you a WordPress theme for around £500 using ODesk, a freelancer website.

Which one you choose depends on how committed you are and what your budget is. The better your website is suited towards the product you are selling, the better it will perform and the more likely the chances of your advertising campaigns being profitable. So you don’t want to scrimp on this one – if you can afford it, buy a bespoke design.

Customising the Default WordPress, Theme Twenty Ten

Buying a WordPress Theme

Here are the links to Template Monster and Theme Forest

For freelancers try ODesk.

Make sure when you are buying a theme they understand it has to be a WordPress theme. This is important otherwise you will have difficulty getting it to work!

Next I’ll show you how to setup Google Analytics on WordPress, so you can find out how many visitors you are getting (and more importantly where they are coming from and what they do).