Digital Marketing In 2012 – Time To Pull Your Socks Up

So it’s mid January and there is already a lot to consider in this coming year. Here are some of the key things I think businesses need to concentrate on in 2012.

Get Your SEO Sorted

This is a no brainer – I don’t mean link building, I mean just get your site SEO friendly, 9/10 websites I look at on the net have serious SEO issues – this includes large companies and also some other SEO “experts”! If you think SEO is all about link building, you’re wrong and if you haven’t sorted out your onsite issues you are shooting yourself in the foot.

Get Your Website A Responsive Design

This is important – because this year you’re going to have a good mix of people visiting your website from laptops, desktop pcs, tablets, smartphones, normal phones and televisions – this year will see the introduction of the Google TV and it’ll probably be quite popular. A responsive website design is the same website but it shows different versions depending on the size of the screen – this is a great way of ensuring that all your communication is working together, it’ll also save time because you’ll only need to update stuff in one place. By not having a website usable on all devices you are literally throwing money away. If you want a cheap one, you can probably buy one on ThemeForest for around $35.

Embrace Web Analytics

There is no excuse this year, you need to know how much your website makes you and where that money is coming from, without it you’re in big trouble. You can use Google Analytics for free, but you need to make sure it is setup properly and that you are making best use of it. I’d recommend hiring someone to set it up for you and if you don’t like logging in and playing with it, get them to schedule a monthly report which details everything you need to know.

Start Using Freelancers

With a freelancer you can pay them much less and on an ad hoc basis – so you can have really cheap labour. Alternatively you can hire the best freelancers for top dollar but only pay when you need them – both these give great value. There are a number of freelance websites, if you’re in the UK I suggest as it is in pounds sterling and if you’re in the US I suggest Elance or Odesk.

Consider Advertising Elsewhere Than Google

There is more to the Internet than just Google, here is a list of the top 20 websites by traffic volume in the UK(for the week ending 07/01/2012). Out of the 20 listed you can advertise on 19 of them (including Google):
[list type=”plus”]


As well as these, if you look at the top social networks you will see LinkedIn and Gumtree, who also both offer advertising (Gumtree Media and LinkedIn Advertising).

But you don’t necessarily have to pay out any money to get promoting yourself on these sites, you can consider other forms of promotion – such as answering questions on Yahoo, creating viral content for Facebook and Twitter or even connected on LinkedIn through various networking groups.