MailChimp – The Best Free Email Marketing Software – And a Great Aweber Alternative


I’ve been using MailChimp for just over a year now, and I’ve been very impressed. I originally switched from Aweber, but decided
that I couldn’t justify paying the monthly fee for Aweber – and I was right to.

MailChimp is perfect for my needs, to be honest I’ve not got many subscribers – the most I had was around 600 or so for a gaming website. If you are considering creating a newsletter for your business then I would highly recommend MailChimp – it’s free if you have 2,000 or less subscribers, so there is no risk for you to try and build up a mailing list.

Here are some of the cool things you can do with MailChimp:

  • You can add people via your website, via their hosted form, via the admin system or even through their ipad application
  • Capture people’s first name, surname and date of birth and then send them personalised emails, especially on their birthday!
  • Segment customers into groups, such as customers and prospects, or perhaps by their interests or spend
  • Setup autoresponders – emails that get sent to recipients based on predetermined criteria such as “opened this campaign” or “7 days after signup”
  • Adding coupons – this allows you to add physical coupons you can print off and then scan in with an iPhone app when they bring them to your business – it then includes these in the email analytics reports!
  • Split test emails – you can test different subject lines or different body text to see what difference this makes to your open rates and click rates
  • Create an RSS to email campaign which automatically sends out blog posts or news articles from your website to the email newsletter.

Plus much more, the possibilities really are endless, plus they have some amazing webinars you can watch when you sign up that teach you how to do all this and more!

You can signup to MailChimp now and get up to 2,000 subscribers free, forever!.


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  • Jonny

    Been meaning to try MailChimp as i seen it everywhere, but I came across MailerLite on It looks very similar to what you say MailChimp does, but you get 10,000 subscribers free, well for 30 days. I really like how it can tell you who has opened the emails, and what they have clicked on. That way you can follow up with articles knowing they are interested from what they clicked on. I may look elsewhere once the 30 days are up, does MailChimp do this?

    • David Whitehouse

      Yeah MailChimp does that too – I guess a lot of them do. They’ve just disabled autoresponders for new free accounts though (like this week after I did the post), which is a shame – I’ve still got them, but new users can’t get them unless they pay.

  • Istvan

    Hi David,

    I was just reading through this article. What you should also underline regarding Mailchimp is that you can easily integrate it with Facebook or other social networks.

    This is another feature that I love to use with Mailchimp.


  • remy

    It looks brilliant, but i cant use it because it is impossible to import contacs like info@….

    Any solution for that?


    • David Whitehouse

      I don’t think so Remy, in the UK I know they treat general email addresses like info@ sales@ differently, maybe its the same in the US.

  • Andrew Newey

    Thanks David. I am choosing a provider at the moment and can’t seem to find reasons not to use Mailchimp. I’ll keep digging, but it seems as though mailchimp have terrific referrals from happy customers!

  • carmen

    did you try constant contact? i have and use mailchimp but wondering if there is a better one out there more user friendly. perhaps not. and hard to beat 2000 free contacts!!

    • David Whitehouse

      I’ve used Constant Contact and Aweber aswell, MailChimp really is the best in my opinion.

  • Marian

    Hi. I used mailchip once and they dissabled my account because they didn’t trust the source of my email list. it was a list i got from a competition I run and the people who suscribed to the list were informed that it will be used for emails. Mailchimp put my account on hold and it has been months and still doesn’t allow me to send emails. Very dissapointed…I was told that because it is an american website in the US there are more regulations with regards emails lists etc. I didn’t buy the list, that is the most annoying thing. I also have a list of my online customers who placed orders with me, not sure if mailchimp will like this or not. I guess I will have to go for a paid account. Any website you would recommend?

    • David Whitehouse


      Even if you sell something to someone, you still need explicit permission to send emails to them. If you don’t then you are spamming them. Also, if enough users had flagged you as spam that would do the same – so I don’t think you can really blame this on MailChimp.

  • tony

    Do you know if it’s ok to import a list that I’ve created from my linkedin account? I just don’t know if it will create problems with the Mailchimp company?


    • David Whitehouse

      Hi Tony, not it’s not ok – you need explicit permission to send people emails – by doing that you’ll be breaking MailChimp’s terms and conditions.