Marketing The Old Deanery

I first made the website for The Old Deanery back in 2006, it didn’t look very pretty, but it did pull in a fair amount of traffic, sadly not much of it converted.

That all changed in 2008, when Bronco re-designed the website, and it really gave the website a new lease of life! From there Dave Naylor coached me through increasing the rankings on Google, and it now ranks number 1 for most of the search terms it needs to.

Last month, my mother finally signed up to an online booking service (after a lot of nagging) – sadly its not quite perfect, but it has had a phenomenal effect on the website, the goal conversion rate for the website has increased and the % of visits that are checking availability is now 18.42% of all visitors (bearing in mind, some people come to the site to book a wedding or a table, so its a much higher percentage of hotel visitors). Also the number of visits has increased 32.62% in the last month, I believe this is something to do with the booking facility.

So today, the next stage commences, for starters I’ve added a Kiss Insights popup feedback form, which I am hoping will give us some great insights. I’ve also adding a wedding quotes form – this is going to enable us to track how many wedding enquiries we get. Working back from this, and with the right data from my Dad, we should be able to max out the number of weddings The Old Deanery does, as it really is the perfect wedding venue and it is the best way of filling up the restaurant/hotel.

Anyways, I’ll keep you all informed about what is happening, no doubt a lot of changes to the site will need making and I have a hunch that we’ll be doing a lot more advertising for weddings shortly.