Need a Corporate Identity and Logo Designing Near Harrogate in North Yorkshire?

I’ve been meaning to get a decent logo for my site for a while, it’s one of those things that I felt really let it down. So last month I met with Chris Beadle from Green Lane Group, who are based just outside Harrogate in North Yorkshire.

I explained want I wanted – something professional, clean and modern – and really hit the nail on the head, he really did surpass my expectations.

After we met, he sent me a load of variations and I picked out a few I liked, he then did more variations and again I chose my favourite – then he carried on sending me variations until I kept on picking the same one! It was a great way to determine that he’d got the right one, and I was very pleased with the result. Here’s the logo:

Chris has done a number of projects in the local area, you can check out some of his logo designs here.