Plans For 2011 And Looking Back On 2010

Roughly this time last year I had a list of things I wanted to achieve in 2010, I managed to do 3 out of the 4, I got married, I stopped playing games (entirely in fact) and my wife and I saved up a deposit for a house.

Sadly I didn’t manage to completely sort out any of my health problems, but I have made a lot of progress, particularly with my knee.

Last year I got better at SEO and I also learned how to monetise a website, my SEO page I redirected to Dave was getting a very high conversion rate (over 10%). I got the chance to work with Stephen Pavlovich last year, working with Stephen I realised how important market research is – it was a real eye opener for me and I decided that I wanted to fill in any gaps in my marketing knowledge, so I have invested just short of £3k on doing a diploma in Digital and Direct Marketing with the Institute of Direct Marketing – I’m now on Module 3 and I’m very impressed with what I have learned so far (it’s clever stuff)!

So the plan this year is:
1. Get my diploma (pass it, I don’t care if I get a distinction or not, but it’d be nice)
2. Buy a house
3. Get an additional monthly income of £1,000 outside of work through various means (albeit all requiring very little ongoing work).
4. Start playing basketball again
5. Start a martial art
6. Fix my knee
7. Fix my arm
8. Fix my neck (I’m going for all three this year)
9. Be able to run 5km without stopping
10. Lose a stone (am currently 12 stone and a half)