Think Visibility September 2010 – Verdict: Awesome

I just wanted to quickly thank Dom for a superbly organised event, which I enjoyed a lot. I saw quite a few presentations whilst I was there, but the ones that really stood out were…

Karyn Fleeting from Tinderbox Media did a great presentation on PR, something which I think is done badly in the SEO world, so I thought I would take note. She basically went through the do’s and don’ts and gave us an insight into what happens when a press release reaches a journalist. A very useful presentation if you have a great story and want to get it a lot of coverage (and links). Here’s the presentation:

Dr Karl Blanks from Conversion Rate Experts did a very good presentation which had loads of hints and tips on how to maximise your conversion rate. This was particularly interesting for me as I am currently working as part of a project team for one of Bronco’s clients, headed up by Stephen Pavlovich (who I briefly met at Think Vis) from Conversion Factory.

Sadly I couldn’t stay much later and socialise as I managed to only get 1 hours sleep the night before – so if I looked like I was nodding off in your presentation (which I was), apologies! Apologies also to Jaamit – I had to rush off as Dave Naylor was giving me a lift home.

I look forward to hopefully coming to the next Think Visibility!