Tracking Your Marketing

In the last post I talked about how important it is to track your marketing, but the problem arises when you have to figure out how you go about tracking your marketing. Well hopefully this will give you some idea.

Tracking Leads/Sales On Your Website
Google Analytics can be setup to track leads & sales and various other things on your website, it is fairly easy to do and I will go into it later. Fortunately all traffic is automatically tracked, so tracking your online marketing is fairly easy, you just need to setup Google Analytics properly.

Tracking Offline Marketing
If you want to track your offline marketing, then this can also be achieved, through the following methods:

  • Create an 0800 number unique for that advert – it will cost you £5, but you will know exactly how many telephone calls it generates through the reporting provided by the 0800 number company.
  • You can create a unique email address for the advert – this can be done in cpanel, you can create an email forwarded to your email. So for example [email protected] might forward all emails to my main email.
  • Finally you have a number of options for tracking leads to your website from your offline marketing:
    1. You can create a shortened link using a service such as that redirects to your website, but with added Google Analytics tags – see the Google Analytics URL Builder for further details.
    2. You can buy a domain simply for that advert, for example, then have this redirect to your website, again with added Google Analytics tags.
    3. You can create a redirect on your own domain, e.g., which then redirects to the homepage with added Google Analytics tags (use Pretty Link Pro WordPress plugin to do this).
    4. Finally, if your website is ranking number 1 for its brand name in Google, you can get people to search for your brand name and the name of the advert – this will be less acurrate, but you have the advantage that you are more likely to show up for further related searches by this user on Google (see the SEO guide later on for explanations.

Using the Google Analytics URL Builder
You have a number of sections to fill in on the Google Analytics URL Builder, I’ll give you examples below.
Campaign Source e.g. Yorkshire Post, Yellow Pages, Direct Mailing
Campaign Medium e.g. print ad, display ad, flyer
Campaign Term – this is only used online for keywords – it is useful if you are using Yahoo or MSN search marketing.
Campaign Content – this is best used if you are creating two or more creatives, for example you send out 500 copies of letter A and 500 copies of letter B and you want to see which responds best. e.g. Letter A, Letter B
Campaign Name – this is ideal to identify particular campaigns, e.g. Valentines Deal, 2 for 1 Offer

Try entering these terms in the URL builder and see what it looks like, see if you can understand how it works by looking at the URL itself.

If you allow people to order online, you will be best placed for tracking your marketing and you will be able to make much better marketing decisions.