Using Duedil To Identify Potential Prospects

Duedil is a great free new web service that allows you free access to the entire companies house database, any time of day. It’s great for researching companies, whether that be for a job interview, to check up on your employer or what I am going to show you how to do, identifying potential prospects.

Step 1

The first step in this process is to have a look at your existing customers, identify the more valuable ones – the ones that take less work and earn you more money. There is actually a number of statistical techniques for doing this, but these are very complex and would require much more than a blog post.

Step 2

You look up these customers using Duedil, you make a note of their SIC code (the type of business they run), their employee count, their turnover, location, the legal status (ltd, partnership, sole trader etc.), and how long the business has been established. Now look at these and see if you can find some common patterns between your most valuable customers, such as high turnover or number of employees for example.

Wolseley details on Duedil

Step 3

You can now do a search for companies using the Duedil search facility, putting in your search filters such as turnover. This should then produce a list of potential prospects, you can then go through and if you have logged in with LinkedIn it will show you people that are in your network that work for the company or are in your 2nd, 3rd degree network. This gives you a contact to get your foot in the door. Simply record these people and you have your list!