Want to Buy Survey Responses? Check Out Instant.ly

I can’t remember what website I was browsing when I came across instant.ly, but I’m glad I did. After creating a survey and finding it difficult to recruit respondents, I decided I needed to find a survey provider that offered surveys for the UK. Sadly I couldn’t find any, this left me with the following options:

Google Consumer Surveys – released quite recently, it would have been quite good but the questions didn’t allow me to gain qualitative information, only quantative. I almost paid $300, but decided that the data I would get wouldn’t be that useful.

Next I decided to check out Survey Gizmo, which is where I created my original survey, but they didn’t appear to offer paid survey responses as an option (this is a shame as I quite like Survey Gizmo). So I checked out Survey Monkey as well, unfortunately I had to fill out some kind of form (despite the fact I was already registered) in order to get going, this was the weekend so it looked as though I’d have to wait until Monday before even getting access, unsatisfied I started browsing and eventually came across instant.ly.

I was initally attracted by their offer – $100 credit, no questions asked, no catches – it seemed too good to be true, but it turned out it wasn’t. Within 20 minutes I had created a brilliant, quick survey for respondents to fill in, I spent my $100 credit and got 50 people (who I had specified based on certain demographical data) to fill in my survey.

The insight from this was incredible – I had some great comments on what business owners’ main concerns are when it comes to their marketing, I got pricing information on a product by product basis along with turnover and marketing spend information. All for free.

So if you want to improve your business, check it out. It’s US respondents, but depending on your product/service, you should still be able to get some good insight.